Skakistiki Epikoinonia

ORGANIZERS: Skakistiki Epikoinonia of Iraklion Attica

CO-ORGANIZERS: Municipality of Iraklion Attica

VENUE: Municipal Cultural Center “Ilektra Apostolou” Kountouriotou 18A & Neotitos, Iraklio 14122, Greece

TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: 9 round Swiss system with FIDE rating. All FIDE and Greek Chess Federation regulations apply. The organizers reserve the right to create groups, depending on the number of participants.

Saturday, June 13: Registration 10:00 to 13:00
Saturday, June 13: 1st round at 17:30
Sunday, June 14: 2nd round at 17:30
Monday, June 15: 3rd round at 17:30
Tuesday, June 16: 4th round at 17:30
Thursday, June 17: 5th round at 17:30
Wednesday, June 18: 6th round at 17:30
Friday, June 19: 7th round at 17:30
Saturday, June 20: 8th round at 17:30
Sunday, June 21: 9th round at 11:30
Sunday, June 21: Closing Ceremony at 15:00
Confirmation of participation by physical presence

TIME CONTROL: 90 minutes plus 30 sec for each move until the end of the game, for each player. Recording of the moves is compulsory for the entire duration of the game. A player who does not appear to participate 60 minutes after the start of the round will lose the game.

TIE-BREAKS: To resolve possible tie-breaks the following criteria will be applied: a) The Average Rating of Opponents Cut 1(AROC 1) excluding one of the ratings of the opponents, starting from the lowest-rated opponent), b)Bucholz cut-1, c) Bucholz, d) The results of the tied players with each other (only if all tied players have played each other) and e) Random

POSTPONEMENTS: Postponement of a game is generally not allowed. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances, after a timely request of the interested party and a justified decision of the Tournament Director.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is set at 40€. Free for FIDE Title Players IM GM WIM WGM and all Players with FIDE Elo 2300+. Entry fees must be paid via bank deposit at the following account:
IBAN: GR1601402170217002002002533
Owner: ΣΚΑΚΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ Skakistiki Epikoinonia Irakliou Attikis
Description: Athens Challenge 2020

ACCOMODATION: Chess Festival partner hotels set aside a limited number of rooms at discounted prices for participants from other cities or countries. Please contact us with full Info and Needs in order to get special offers

APPEALS: Appeals may be submitted until 30 minutes after the end of the round. A 3-member Appeals Committee (A.C.) will be responsible for their examination. Members of the A.C. related to the players involved will be exempted. The composition of the A.C. will be determined before the start of the tournament by the Chief Arbiter. The appeal fee is set at 100€ and may be deposited to the Tournament Director or the Chief Arbiter. Should the appeal be vindicated, the fee shall be returned to the appellant, otherwise it is withheld by the organizers.

  • 1st place: 1000€
  • 2nd place: 600€
  • 3rd place: 400€
  • 4th place: 150€
  • 5th place: 100€
  • 6th place: 50€

  • 1st female: 100€, (at least 5 participants)
  • 1st 1999< Fide ELO: 100€
  • 2nd 1999< Fide ELO: 50€
  • 1st 2000< Fide ELO < 2150: 100€
  • 2nd 2000< Fide ELO <2150: 50€
  • 1st Veteran S50: 100€
Players receive the highest cash prize they are entitled to Medals will be awarded to the top three winners and the first boy and girl in the category u18.

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION: via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GENERAL: The Tournament Director is responsible for decisions on any matter not covered by these regulations. The organizers have the right to make changes in schedule and prices in order to make improvements.